A day in the life of a British worker…

October 4th, 2005 · No Comments

Okay, so it’s not that much different from this side of the pond. The basics are the same but the details are more fun…

7:30 Wake up. Stare at ceiling. Sleep.

7:35 Snooze.

7:40 Wake up, stumble to shower.

8:00 Turn on the radio, probably Radio One for the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show (podcast it now, it’s essential training on British pub humour).

8:30 Listen to iPod on the way to work, sitting on the bus, staring into space, perhaps reading a book or the newspaper (like The Guardian, The Times or the laughable tabloid The Sun.

9:00 Get into work, say hello, grab some breakfast, email friends and catch up with work colleagues.

12:00 Take lunch break. If I’m being good I’ve got a packed lunch. if I’m lazy I’ll grab a sandwich from the shop.

13:00 Back to work, more emailing, more work, general office chit-chat.

17:00 It’s a Friday so I can leave quite early.

17:01 Pub.
18:45 Get back home and get changed.

20:00 Back into town, meet my mates and grab some food before heading out to the bar for a few drinks.

22:00 Hit a club, music normally includes commercial house, funky house, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and a bit of cheesy disco depending on where I end up.

02:00 Get home with a burger or kebab and crawl into bed.

(Thanks Sean!)

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