MUB Article: What are my options if I want to go abroad in the UK? (Part 1)

November 4th, 2005 · No Comments

The first in a series of MUB articles.

This introductory article is just the beginning of what we at Make Us Brits are trying to do: help those with dreams of going abroad turn those dreams into reality.

The United Kingdom is an amazing place. It shares many things with America including language, TV shows, movies and other cultural indicators of the West. But the little differences between our two cultures are ones that, when experienced first-hand, change lives and individual’s views of the world. This is our first article in an attempt to answer a question that many young Americans ask when considering going abroad: What are my options?

• Your own university’s study abroad program
• Another university’s study abroad program that accepts students externally (like SU or NYU)
• An intern/work abroad program (like BUNAC)
• Apply to a British university
• Apply for a work permit
• Highly Skilled Migrant Program
• Travel (visa-free for up to six months!)
• High school student exchange program

In Part 2 we’ll explain each option one by one.

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