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January 27th, 2006 · No Comments

I’ve been hanging on all week in the hope that *something* newsworthy and MUB worthy would appear. Alas, not. It seems that all British MPs of one particular political party are coming out of the closet. During a leadership election!! There was that whale that died and the sheerly ridiculous amount of news coverage that was generated was stunning.

UK in mourning!

Perhaps he was an American whale and had been reading MUB.

I went to see a very good friend of mine Natasha Lee Lewis in a play called The Rover in Camden Town. It was in a the city’s smallest theatre . The box office is in the pub and the theatre itself is above the bar, great stuff. It’s a lovely little venue, intimate and live, seating just 42 people. We were massively impressed by the performance and particularly our friend.

Camden has a bit of a dodgy reputation at times and the five minute walk from the tube to the pub was beset by people asking if we wanted to sell our used tickets. It’s probably not best to sell used tube tickets to people waiting outside the stations as they tend to be a bit dodgy, walk past them and ignore them. This is ok, it’s not bad manners to do that but it may put your safety at risk to engage them in conversation as they may notice your accents and decide to take advantage. Please, don’t think that London is a scary place, it truly isn’t, it’s a wonderful and vibrant city I just wanted to point out a little tube etiquette that will save you from appearing like an out-of-towner. I think MUB goes into more detail on tube etiquette here.

This weekend I’m off out to Comedy Club in central London. I’ve been there once before and had an absolutely brilliant time, it’s in a nightclub and I think the venue holds somewhere between 150-200 people and you can get *right up close to the stage* if you dare be that brave! If you’re interested in British humour, the latest version of it, I know there’s been a link to Little Britain on here before but we consider that to be old hat (sucks) nowadays. After LB there was the Catherine Tate Show which is like the funny, grown up version of LB. They both show British life and British humour well. There’s a new one out now called Tittybangbang and people are divided on whether it’s funny or absolutely not funny. I think it’s fantastic and it can actually be viewed online ( via the BBC website – every episode that’s been broadcast so far is on there and the one for the coming week too. You’re going to need a pretty advanced knowledge of Britishness to get this kind of programme – much like most of our comedy, don’t try and find the cleverness behind it – just laugh!

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