A random first day in London

July 4th, 2006 · No Comments

This is too funny. I happened to stumble upon a blog by this girl Lauren, from Arizona, who just arrived in London. The excitement is all too familiar.

Earls Court is fabulous. I walked around for three or four hours and observed several things.

– Everyone drives a Vespa, Neddin, or some other motorcycle contraption.

– Everyone crosses the street when the Wait (UK version of Dont Walk) light is lit up.

– Every street appears to be a one-way street..

– London accents are sexier in bulk. AKA- I like walking into a grocery store and hearing EVERYONE speak in an English accent rather than hearing it occasionally from an Arizona resident who grew up in the UK.

– Vocabulary used here is different. Every man refers to me as Love. Exit is Way out, and Yield is Give Way. Its not weird at all, just different.

Maybe we’ll just have to keep track of her from time to time…

The first entry of my Study Abroad Journal

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