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Ever try a curry? If not, you can guarantee that you will if you spend any amount of time in the UK. It’s a classic British staple food. Okay, well maybe not classic since they stole it from India, but it is definitely a regular part of the modern British diet. There are curry houses and Indian restaurants throughout the city and most fast food joints offer some sort of curry variation or flavored offering. Even potato chips, or crips as they are called, can be found in curry flavors.

So what is a curry? Typically, it is lamb, shrimp, chicken or vegetables in a sauce full of many, many different spices and usually coconut milk. It’s amazing. For an authentic curry, head down to Brick Lane in East London and randomly pop into any restaurant. You can usually barter on the streets with owners and get up to 50% off your meal and a free round of drinks. Not too shabby. I’d say if you don’t get at least a free round of drinks head on to the next place.

If you’re eating on the cheap you can stop at any supermarket and find a microwavable curry meal. Yum. Sainsbury’s has the best offerings.

J.D. Wetherspoon’s has “Curry Club” on Thursday’s for a cheap curry and beer. One of my favorites and I say again—CHEAP!

Don’t forget, curries come in various spiced forms. Korma is the mildest and vindaloo is the spiciest. I prefer a hot vindaloo, although it depends on how authentically hot it will be. I had a vindaloo in a Brick Lane curry house once and almost couldn’t finish it—but i did! I sweat buckets that night.

Check out Wikipedia for a complete explanation of curry in British cuisine. Very informative.

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