[Ask Metafilter] What to put in a London survival pack?

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Ask Metafilter user generichuman is a Canadian expat living in London, awaiting the arrival of his Toronto girlfriend and asks:

I’m loving the city and settling in! To be romantic, silly and practical, I’d like to put together a little London Survival Pack for her, something the size of a shoe-box.

Some good responses: a LOOK LEFT card, a TimeOut restaurant guide, tickets for the London Eye, travel guides, and a box of Us to spell words with—my favourite.

One Response to “[Ask Metafilter] What to put in a London survival pack?”

  1. crystal Says:

    □ An ‘A to Z’ (the street map for London)

    â–¡ An Oyster Card application form (like your subway pass but for our buses and trains)

    □ Plasters (for all the walking she’ll do)

    â–¡ An Umbrella (it rains ALL the time)

    □ Monopoly Money (she’ll need all the funds she can get)

    â–¡ Lunchbox (eating out can be expensive)

    □ SatNav (she’s bound to get lost sometime)

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