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MUB News 7-26-07

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Demolition on Olympic site begins [BBC News] The 500-acre site will include a main stadium, aquatics centre, velodrome, three sports arenas, a hockey centre and accommodation for competitors. The top town in Britain for blokes [Sky News] The study – by Cola-Cola Zero – asked 1,200 British men aged 18 to 30 what factors were […]

England smoking ban

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Yeah, okay, I guess I’m a little behind with the news lately, but I’m glad that the smoking ban finally happened. It’s been years since we’ve been able to light up in NY, and well, it’s just better that way. I hated going to pubs and coming home smelling like a chimney fire of cigarettes. […]

Tennis fans: 2007 Wimbledon Championships begin today

Monday, June 25th, 2007

For all you tennis fans out there, the 2007 Wimbledon Championships began today. Now, I’m not one for tennis, but I know how big of a deal it is for those who are. So posh. Yay. Technorati Tags: tennis, wimbledon

Platform for Art: Gloucester Road tube station

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

The London Underground’s art program, Platform for Art, has made it to Gloucester Road with work by artist Chiho Aoshima: The inspiring landscape she has created runs along all 17 archways which sees the scene graduate from day to night and from urban to rural. With such a rich visual focal point to enjoy whilst […]

The big boat (Cutty Sark) in Greenwich closes for two years

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

I used to live in Greenwich but never once did I go in the Cutty Sark—that big boat/tea clipper down near the Thames.. I think it was £10 or something ridiculous for admission. Aren’t all museums supposed to be free in London? Cutty Sark closes for restoration [BBC News] Technorati Tags: cutty sark, london, london […]

Stupidest place in the UK

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Hull is the stupidest place in the UK. And yes, this means intelligence. ‘Dimston-Upon-Hull’ [Sky News] Technorati Tags: hull, uk

Looking for love? Buy this chocolate bar…right.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Not only does it better your love life but it helps you lose weight too. And yes, it’s called The Sexy Bar. Too bad it’s not Cadbury. The Sexy Bar is packed with cocoa solids and ground chilli, according to The Sun. Both ingredients are said to act as an aphrodisiac. And the chilli also […]

Covent Garden sold for £421 million

Monday, August 7th, 2006

The tourist center of the West End in Central London, Covent Garden, has been sold to Capital & Counties, a company that owns a lot of shopping centers, says the BBC. If you’ve never been to Covent Garden, I highly suggest a weekend day trip. It’s a fanatical mess of tourists but still a lot […]

Taste Buds: Thoughts on curry

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Ever try a curry? If not, you can guarantee that you will if you spend any amount of time in the UK. It’s a classic British staple food. Okay, well maybe not classic since they stole it from India, but it is definitely a regular part of the modern British diet. There are curry houses […]

Even Mr. Blair is podcasting

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Out of all the people to be left out of the podcasting world, Tony Blair simply refuses to be one of them. What’s next? Queencasts? Tony Blair Podcasts [One Man & His Blog] Tags: ipod, podcasting, prime minister, tony blair